Life Balance

Admitting you have a problem is the first step…

winter-olympics-2018I must confess, I can’t stop watching the Olympics. I’m obsessed. In prior Olympic years, I couldn’t have cared less about any of the winter sports other than figure skating. This year, though, I’ve become fascinated with the extreme skiing/snowboarding, luge, skeleton, bobsled, the US/Canada hockey rivalry (how about that final women’s game last night???), and yes, I’ve even watched a few games of curling. At times,I’ve caught myself wondering if I missed my calling in freestyle snowboarding or skiing….the tricks they do are just so cool! I very quickly remember, though, that I am extremely afraid of heights and even more afraid of barreling downward at top speed from high altitudes. And let’s face it, this Texas girl has zero gracefulness on snow or ice. I’ve only been skiing twice in my life and the first time can be described as nothing less than a disaster. It was a high school band trip and my “pizza wedge” was more like a “pizza half” – I was so afraid of going too fast that I turned my skis in as far as they would go – and I spent more time on my butt than on my feet. At one point, I got my skis tangled up with one of my classmate’s skis and we both went tumbling. We weren’t even on a slope. Sorry, Bobby! The second time was better, but let’s just say I won’t be winning any medals for my bunny slope skills. Clearly curling would be more my speed. Then there’s the dedication it takes just to get to the Olympics. The TV broadcast sometimes shows clips of the workouts these athletes do to get competition ready and my dreams of glory come to an abrupt halt. I think I would die after 2 minutes. I’ll stick to running slowly on relatively flat land that’s free of snow and ice simply for the joy of feeling good for now.  You might find me on the 2022 US curling team, though.

PyeongChang '18: Ice Hockey Women: USA 3:2 CAN
Just after the US women’s hockey team beat Canada for the gold…such an amazing moment!

As much as I’ve enjoyed the games this time around, I’m glad it’s coming to a close this weekend.  To say it has put a damper on my productivity would be an understatement.  There were three saving graces in terms of eating regularly during these past couple of weeks.  The first, and most helpful, was my boyfriend being in the mood to try making some new recipes. I have eaten very well considering I haven’t really cooked anything. The second is having some standard staples on hand, including canned beans, rice, salsa, cheese, greek yogurt, this trail mix, flour tortillas, and spinach. The third is my homemade pasta sauce.  I made it early into the Winter Games and used it for multiple dinners – we put it in lasagna, on spaghetti squash, on chicken parm, and on pizza.  It is a great go-to sauce that is so easy to make and uses carrots for sweetness instead of the sugar found in many jarred pasta sauces. I’m smack in the middle of watching some Olympics right now, but I promise to post the pasta sauce recipe in my next post!


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